ITF-100: International Capital Markets

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0



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This course will look at financial markets and how they are related to macroeconomic policymaking. The course covers the relevant macroeconomic and financial market frameworks, the functioning of key markets (money, foreign exchange, global bond, equity, and derivatives), and financial market instruments. The course introduces students to practical applications, such as the analysis of financial-sector vulnerabilities and debt and current account sustainability. Topics include currency and banking crises, monetary unions, and the international financial architecture. Overall, the course will show how global political and economic developments are related to financial markets and that an understanding of these markets is important for policymakers and investors alike.

This introductory international finance course is intended primarily for students who have limited exposure to economics and those who have a background in international finance or macroeconomics but would like to apply these concepts to practical policy questions. This course may be used to satisfy the requirement for an introductory course in the ITF area. Not offered in 2014-15.




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