MLD-325: Becoming a Leader

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: David Gergen


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No course, on its own, can create leaders, but it can help students understand the path that others have taken and also advance on their own. This course seeks to do that by studying the lives of significant leaders of the past and by drawing upon the leadership literature. The course is not theoretical but reflective. Among areas of inquiry are: the role of ambition; achieving self-awareness and self-mastery; finding one's true north; forging one's character; developing empathy and emotional intelligence; moving beyond natural ability; crafting a career; taking early leadership; overcoming gender barriers; leading in a networked world; the dangers of self-derailment; overcoming adversity; leading an integrated life; and achieving self-renewal. Among those whose lives will be considered are Abraham Lincoln, Jane Addams, Winston Churchill, John Kennedy, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, and Albert Schweitzer. The course will be in a lecture setting but will encourage conversation. Students should expect to spend additional hours beyond the classroom with possible workshops, films, and outside speakers.

Not offered in 2014-15.


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