MLD-353M: Followership

Semester: Fall Mod1

Credit: 0.5

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus


Day Time Location
First Day 9/5
Meet Day T/Th 11:40 AM - 1:00 PM L382


For a constellation of reasons, it is widely assumed that leaders are of major importance, and followers of nearly no importance. This course is a deliberate corrective to a conventional wisdom that was always flawed – and that in the 21st century is downright wrong. Not only do followers – as defined by rank, not by behavior – have more power and influence than they ever did before, the converse is also true. Leaders have fewer of whatever their historic resources, and they are, in consequence, the more vulnerable. The course presumes that followership is every bit as important as is leadership, that both need to be considered in context, and that questions such as why we follow, and how followers differ one from the other, are as important to the creation of change as any of those more conventionally posed in the leadership industry. The primary text for this course will be Kellerman’sFollowership: How Followers are Creating Change and Changing Leaders– and the course format will be Socratic.