MLD-600: Leadership and Management Skills: A Behavioral Science Perspective

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: Jennifer Lerner


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How can managers design environments that make employees smarter? At the broadest level, this course addresses that question through an overview of behavioral science research on effective leadership and management. Central topics include: (a) evidence-based management, (b) tools for reducing prejudice and bias in organizations, (c) how to structure effective groups, (d) stress and coping, (e) social psychological insights into power and status. By utilizing the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory, the course also provides individualized empirical feedback that allows students to connect research concepts with their own skill sets and attributes.

The course is intended for students in the Harvard Kennedy School as well as for students in any Harvard graduate school. Advanced undergraduates in psychology may enroll with instructor's written permission. Not offered in 2015-16.




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