MLD-620M: Urban Innovation: Concepts and Practices

Semester: Spr Mod4

Credit: 0.5


Day Time Location
First Day 3/21
Meet Day M/W 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM LAND


As more and more residents flock to cities around the world public leaders will need innovation in order to improve performance over time, and increase responsiveness to changing material and social conditions in the world. The innovations can include changes in existing processes for delivering public goods and services, or for the introduction of new products and services, or for mobilizing and deploying resources to deal with public problems. This course seeks to equip students who wish to be innovators with the knowledge and skills necessary to imagine and implement innovative solutions to public problems. It will focus primarily on innovation in state and local government: how can cities become learning organizations and innovative jurisdictions that utilize the potential for public value creation? Relying on the recorded experience of innovators in government accumulated through 25 years of HKS-award winning innovations in government as well as academic research from around the world, the course seeks to develop the attitudes and analytic skills that support individuals who aspire to make positive change either as innovators or designers of institutions that can support innovators. MLD-620M is a strongly recommended module for MLD 621M (Innovation Field Lab by Professor De Jong).











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