MLD-810M: Financial Strategy and Leadership in High-Performing Nonprofits

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 0.5



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Few nonprofit leaders, even in the most established institutions, have successfully integrated sophisticated financial strategy into their larger strategic visions. This advanced-level module will hone those skills, focusing on the following three questions: How do different stakeholders assess the financial health of a nonprofit organization? What strategies do nonprofit leaders pursue to achieve financial health and sustainability? What strategies can donors and grant-makers use to help nonprofits achieve high performance and maximize impact? This is a case-writing class. Classroom discussion will focus on case studies, and each student, working in a small group, will develop and present a new case study on financial leadership or financial strategy in a nonprofit organization. Prior coursework in financial management or management/leadership experience in nonprofit organizations is a prerequisite for admission to this module.

Not offered in 2013-14.