PED-313: The Politics of Development Policy

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0



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How do governments come up with good development policies? How to recognize a successful development strategy? Can development be imported? What pressures do governments respond to when they make policy decisions? How are such decisions introduced and sustained? Is there a "right" timing and sequencing of reforms? What is the role of the media in development policy? What is the role of international and regional institutions, for example the International Monetary Fund or the European Union in promoting good policies? What are examples of unambiguously good development policies? By addressing these questions, PED-313 analyzes the politics surrounding economic and social development. The course focuses on how policy change comes about, the roles that various interests and actors play in promoting or hindering reform initiatives, and how power relationships are shaped by political institutions and processes. Its purpose is to develop skills of political and bureaucratic analysis that can improve policy analysis, political decision-making, and reform implementation. The course is designed for students who have an interest in shaping government decisions.

Not offered in 2014-15.


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