SUP-415 B: School Reform: Policy, Practice, and Leadership

Semester: Fall

Credit: 1.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus


Day Time Location
First Day 9/4
Meet Day T 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM GSE LSNHL 106


This course explores school reform policy and practice from the perspective of the classroom, school, and district. It examines topics related to leadership and pedagogy, including a deep investigation into the purpose(s) of education. The course focuses on leading and enacting school reforms, with a keen eye on practice within school districts, buildings, and classrooms and an emphasis on how policies play out in the real world.  Those with an interest in teaching or work in education--current and aspiring teachers, principals, curriculum coordinators, superintendents, parents, and others with passion for school reform and educational leadership--will benefit from this course. The course primarily uses cases and case discussions as a pedagogical approach and is extremely interactive. It also explores and analyzes successful examples of school reform. The course provides an excellent complement to the state and federal policy courses at HGSE and at the Harvard Kennedy School. Students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, short papers, and a final project or portfolio.


Also offered by the Graduate School of Education as A326B.