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Faculty Teaching Seminar Series, Spring 2014


Monday, March 10th - 11:45 am – 1:00 pm - Faculty Dining Room

Discussants:  Suzanne Cooper and other Teaching Week participants

What do we discover by observing teaching--either our own or a colleague’s?  What aspects of our students’ learning become more visible as we view our instructional decisions through a different lens?  Faculty development research indicates that one of the most impactful ways to increase expertise is to capture and discuss specific examples of our own teaching practices.  This session will explore what insights we can gain about our teaching by either watching ourselves on videotape or by sitting in on colleagues’ classes.  Suzanne Cooper will discuss what she learned in the process of watching a practice teaching tape; others will share insights from sitting in on colleagues’ classes during Teaching Week (March 3-6). 


Thursday, March 27th - 11:45 am – 1:00 pm - Faculty Dining Room

Discussants: Mary Jo Bane, Akash Deep

As HKS faculty, our most precious commodity is (arguably) our time.  This session will explore strategies for making the most of that commodity in our approaches to teaching. What’s worth spending our teaching-related time on, and why?  How might we maximize the benefits of that time—both before, during and after class—to strike the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness?   More specifically, how much material can we reasonably expect to address in an 80-minute class session? What are ways to incorporate both structure and flexibility into our class plans, in order to avoid falling behind? How to leverage students’ out-of-class time to make the most of in-class time?  How to give students useful feedback on their work without being overwhelmed by grading?


Tuesday, April 8th - 11:45 am – 1:00 pm - Faculty Dining Room

Discussants: Rohini Pande, Richard Zeckhauser

Research and teaching often are seen as mutually exclusive demands competing for faculty time.   While time constraints are real, there may be ways to take better advantage of our teaching to enrich our research (and vice-versa), enabling our efforts in teaching and in research to be more mutually reinforcing.  Teaching at HKS gives faculty the opportunity to interact with learners who bring an impressive set of experiences, ideas, questions and data.  How have research projects been informed by interactions with students in our courses?  How and when might our students become partners in our research?  How might our research enter into not only what we teach, but how?  



 Thursday, May 1st - 11:45 am – 1:00 pm - Faculty Dining Room

Facilitators:  Allison Pingree (SLATE), Keely Wilczek (HKS Library)

In our classes, when might a picture be worth a thousand words?  This hands-on workshop will showcase strategies for using video clips, data visualization, photographs, concept maps and other visual media to deepen students’ learning.   We’ll explore such questions as:  How can visuals make a difference in understanding difficult concepts?  What discipline-specific visual resources are available to HKS faculty for use in courses?  How to manage the time it takes (both in preparation and during class) to engage visual resources in our teaching?  As a workshop, the session will be hands-on and outcome-focused.  Thus, participants may wish to bring with them a laptop, as well as material from courses / class sessions in which they’d like to use (more) visuals. 


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