Barbara Kellerman


Barbara Kellerman's latest articles...

"Leading Androgynously,” Women’s Policy Journal of Harvard, 2013

"Cut Off at the Pass: The Limits of Leadership in the 21st Century,” Brookings, 2012

"Heavy Lifting:Leading in Modern Times,” The Ivey Business Review, 2012

"Closing the Gap – Between Leaders and Followers,” The European Business Review, 2012

"The End of Leadership – Redux,” Leadership, 2012

"Viable Options” (coauthored with Deborah Rhode) in William Rosenbach, Robert Taylor, and Mark Youndt, Contemporary Issues in Leadership, Westview, 2011

“Becoming Leadership Literate – A Core Curriculum” in Scott Snook et al, Handbook for Teaching Leadership, Sage, 2011

“Shooting an Elephant” – or Why Be Leadership Literate” in Leadership Excellence, February, 2011


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