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David Yanagizawa-Drott


Published / Forthcoming Papers


Does Religion Affect Economic Growth and Happiness? Evidence from Ramadan
with Filipe Campante
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015, 130(2), forthcoming
Online appendix here.

Propaganda and Conflict: Evidence from the Rwandan Genocide
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2014, 129(4), pp.1947-1994
Online appendix here.

Do Political Protests Matter? Evidence from the Tea Party Movement
with Andreas Madestam, Daniel Shoag, and Stan Veuger 
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2013, 128(4), pp.1633-1685
Online appendix here.

Propaganda vs. Education: A Case Study of Hate Radio in Rwanda
Oxford Handbook of Propaganda Studies. ed. Jonathan Auerbach and Russ Castronovo. pp.378-394. Oxford: Oxford University Press, December 2013.

Getting Prices Right: The Impact of the Market Information Service in Uganda
with Jakob Svensson 
Journal of the European Economic Association P&P, 2009, 7(2-3), pp.435-445

The Strategic Determinants of U.S. Human Rights Reporting: Evidence from the Cold War
with Nancy Qian
Journal of the European Economic Association P&P, 2009, 7(2-3), pp.446-457

Social Capital vs Institutions in the Growth Process
with Pelle Ahlerup & Ola Olsson
European Journal of Political Economy, 2009, 25(1), pp.1-14

Working Papers and Work in Progress


The Intergenerational Transmission of War
with Filipe Campante, March 2015

Do Campaign Contribution Limits Matter? Evidence from the McCain-Feingold Act
with Filipe Campante, February 2014, [slides]

The Legacy of Political Mass Killings: Evidence from the Rwandan Genocide
with Thorsten Rogall, August 2013

The Market for (Fake) Antimalarial Medicine: Evidence from Uganda
with Martina Bjorkman-Nyqvist & Jakob Svensson, July 2013

Government Distortion in Independently Owned Media: Evidence from U.S. Cold War News Coverage of Human Rights
with Nancy Qian, June 2013 
Revise and resubmit, Journal of the European Economic Association

Estimating Impact in Partial vs. General Equilibrium: A Cautionary Tale from a Natural Experiment in Uganda
with Jakob Svensson, August 2012

Shaping the Nation: The Effect of Fourth of July on Political Preferences and Behavior in the United States
with Andreas Madestam, November 2011

Media Coverage


Does Religion Affect Economic Growth and Happiness?: The New York Times, NPR, Foreign Policy, Marginal Revolution, FreakonomicsSlate.fr

Do Political Protests Matter?: Bloomberg, Marginal Revolution, The Economist

Fourth of July: ABC, CBS, Fox, Time.com, LA Times, Huffington Post, Washington Times, US News, National Review, Harvard Gazette

Propaganda and Conflict: The New York Times/Freakonomics

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