IRIS BOHNET is Academic Dean and Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. She is the director of the Women and Public Policy Program and associate director of the Harvard Decision Science Labratory.

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• Behavioral and Experimental Economics
• Decision Making
• Negotiation
• Trust
• Gender
• Cross-Cultural Research

Bohnet, I., Alexandra van Geen and Max Bazerman. When Performance Trumps Gender Bias. Joint Versus Separate Evaluation. Working paper, 2012. [Download PDF]

Bohnet, I. and Farzad Saidi. “Informational Differences and Performance: Experimental Evidence.” Working paper, 2011. [Download PDF]

Bohnet, I., Benedikt Herrmann and Richard Zeckhauser. “Trust and the Reference Points for Trustworthiness in Gulf and Western Countries.” Quarterly Journal of Economics CXXV (2), May 2010: 811-828. [Download PDF]