05.30.2015 Nudging Gender (ABC Australia)

05.27.2015 Crossing disciplines, finding knowledge (Harvard Gazette)

05.26.2015 Are targets the answer to gender bias in the workforce? (ABC Australia)

02.01.15 Ist es denn ein faires Spiel? (NZZ Am Sontag Article in German)

11.29.2014 Stereotype verbauen Frauen den Weg (NZZ article in German)

11.17.2014 The Business Case for Gender Diversity: International Dialogue on Women in Leadership (video)

10.30.2014 How 'unconscious bias' could stand in the way of your promotion

9.19.14 Interview with Prof. Dr. Iris Bohnet - (Interview in German, HSG Alumni Konferenz )

9.19.14 Behavioral Insights for Better Decision-Making and Leadership (Plenary Session in German, HSG Alumni Konferenz)

6.24.2014 The Future of Behavioral Insights - Behavioral Exchange 2014

6.22.2014 5 Counterintuitive Habits Of Truly Authentic Leaders

6.3.2014 Making a nudge towards better choices (video interview ABC TV Breakfast)

6.2.2014 Understanding behaviour, improving policy (video interview Sky Business The Perrett Report)

4.13.2014 Iris Bohnet - Frauen und ihr Weg nach oben (Interview video in German)

2.5.2014 Layers of Choice

1.22.2014 Who wants to be a token woman?

1.21.2014 A Swiss at Harvard: Iris Bohnet

1.15.2014 Elevating Women and Girls Think Tank

11.28.2013 Five tips for gender diversity your company can implement now

6.24.2013 An Interview with Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean of Harvard Kennedy School

2.11.2013 Le recrutement collectif limite les discriminations à l'embauche - original article in Le Monde; Collective recruitment limits discrimination in hiring - PDF of English Translation

1.14.2013 How to Hire Women: Compare Them to Men

1.8.2013 Study Suggests Fix for Gender Bias on the Job

12.30.2012 Year-end interviews reflect broad Swiss interests

12.18.2012 Frauenquoten – ja oder nein (Quotas for women - yes or no)

11.25.2012 Gläserne Decke mit Rissen (Glass ceiling with cracks)

11.15.2012 Why Mommy Can't Get Ahead

11.07.2012 The Case for Gender Diversity

10.07.2012 Women in the workplace: How 'good girls' fight back

08.07.2012 Boston Public Radio, Better Business Ethics

07.11.2012 DLDwomen 2012: Change Yourself, Change the World Conference

06.18.2012 Better by the Bunch: Evaluating Job Candidates in Groups

05.23.2012 WICT Signature Luncheon

05.21.2012 NCTA Day One: From Tennis to Ties

05.18.2012 Friends of Switzerland's 2012 Stratton Prize

04.05.2012 Hürde für Frauen ist Gender Gap zu Hause

04.02.2012 When Performance Trumps Gender Bias: Joint versus Separate Evaluation

Winter 2012 Gender Equality

03.28.2012 When Performance Trumps Gender Bias: Joint versus Separate Evaluation

03.08.2012 BBC Newshour (Spotlight on International Women's Day @44:00)

03.08.2012 Good news on health and education, bad news on pay and clout

03.07.2012 What to do if you experience gender bias

03.05.2012 Painting a new path at the Kennedy School

03.03.2012 Highlights from Ladies Drive Magazine, Issue No. 17

02.29.2012 Power luncheon on gender and negotiation

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09.23.2011 The untold story of gender and incentives

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08.11.2011 'Nudging':The cure for corporate gender discrimination

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02.14.2011 Closing the HKS gender imbalance

02.02.2011 How to promote trust in the Arab Middle East

01.26.2011 Gender equality: the smart thing to do (video)

01.23.2011 Davos excludes half the world in global agenda as women miss 30%

11.09.2010 Making the business case for gender equality

10.25.2010 What if Lehman brothers had been Lehman sisters?

10.22.2010 If Women Ran the World

10.21.2010 The Faculty Search Process:The Art and Science of Selecting Outstanding Faculty

10.13.2010 Gender equality: a nudge in the right direction | PDF