FALL 2010 - SPRING 2011

Closing the Global Gender Gap, PED-317Y/ECON-1376
Co-taught with Professor Rohini Pande

Understanding the role of gender in shaping the economic, political and social opportunities available to individuals can help us evaluate whether and how societies and organizations may close gender gaps in human capital investments, economic participation and political opportunity. It can also shed light on the substantial variation in the size of the gaps across countries and organizations, and inform the role of economic development and management and leadership in closing the gaps.

This course introduces an analytical and empirical framework for evaluating why gender gaps exist and designing policies to close gender gaps. Building on insights from Behavioral Decision Making and Development Economics, it provides a framework to diagnose when and why gender gaps emerge, analyze their consequences, and evaluate to what degree public policy and management can close these gaps.

The course will adopt a micro-perspective and critically evaluate how preferences, psychological biases, social norms and the level of economic development cause outcomes to vary by gender. Using program evaluation techniques, the course will train students on how to combine analytical frameworks and the judicious use of data to design and test specific interventions.

The goal of the course is to enable students to develop their own research and policy questions, examine them over the course of the year and share their insights with a larger audience in the spring. Students are welcome to use this course to further develop material useful for their PAEs, SYPAs or other research/policy papers. Students will receive 1 course credit for this course. 


FALL 2008

Judgment and Decision Making, API-304
Co-taught with Professor Jennifer Lerner

This course seeks to provide students with a better understanding of the decision-making process: how we make decisions and why we too often make the wrong decisions. The course identifies decision traps we all face and offers strategies for how to avoid and overcome them. It is designed to help students think analytically about the ways policy decisions are made in (public and private organizations), providing both an introduction to theories of decision making as well as practical skills for better decision making.

Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century

This Program is designed to prepare the Wold Economic Forum's select Young Global Leaders to expand their knowledge base in order to better address some of the most pressing global problems. The course seeks to provide YGL's with a deeper understanding of public policy issues in conjunction with leadership skills.

Mastering Negotiation: Building Sustainable Agreements

Mastering Negotiation: Building Sustainable Agreements goes beyond other negotiation workshops in acknowledging and addressing the challenges of negotiating across cultures, organizations and sectors. Mastery of one’s own sector is no longer sufficient. In a world of intensely multifaceted economic, political and social problems, sustainable solutions necessitate achieving consensus among an unprecedented variety of stakeholders. Therefore, the program examines the effects of both social and organizational culture on negotiation, while at the same time helping participants develop the adaptive skills they need to translate their effectiveness to other settings.

Negotiating for Leadership: An Executive Program for Women in Senior Positions

Negotiating for Leadership is an intense two-day executive education program offered by the Dubai School of Government (DSG) in association with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. The program is designed to assist women in senior positions in developing the negotiation strategies necessary to lead effectively in today’s world.

Women and Power: Leadership in a New World

Women and Power focuses on helping women in senior positions develop effective leadership strategies, with an emphasis on creating successful alliances and enduring partnerships. At its core, the program is an intense, interactive experience designed to help women advance to positions of influence and use them well.