BOOKS by Jeffrey Frankel    

NEW World Trade and Payments: An Introduction (with Richard Caves & Ronald Jones),  10th edition, 2007, Addison Wesley Longman: Boston, MA.   Available from July 2006.                  International edition, 2006 
 Ninth ed., 2002.   Eighth ed.1999; Seventh ed., 1996; Sixth ed., 1993;  5th ed., 1990.


Translations of World Trade and Payments:
Chinese, 2005;      Polish, 2004;  
French, 2003;  and
Japanese, 2003.
Regional Trading Blocs, Institute for International Economics, Washington DC, 1997.

Does Foreign Exchange Intervention Work? (with Kathryn Dominguez), Institute for International Economics, Washington DC, D.C., 1993
Collected early papers, in two volumes:

Financial Markets and Monetary Policy, MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 1995.   

On Exchange Rates, MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 1993.