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Advanced Macroeconomics for the Open Economy I   
API-120 for MPA/ID students  KNet coursepage  Syllabus Fall 2013    



  JF profile (Feb. 2007) in KSG Citizen.  Link to the Kennedy School of Government's Masters of Public
Administration in International Development degree program

Macro Review lectures Aug.2013.      Extra lectures:  US fiscal, Oct.25;   Natural Resource Curse, Nov.18;    Euro crisis, Nov.22.  RMB, Nov.25, 2013.         API-119 Lect.8, Feb16, 2012     

Economics of International Financial Policy
ITF-220 at HKS   Spring 2014:  KNet page;    Syllabus.  
Shoppg Day, Jan.2014:
Relationship to other HKS courses7 ex.  Slides for:  Lectures 1-3.  Lect,4; Lect.5; Lect.6.   Lectures 7 & 8; Lect.9; L.7-9.  L10; Mac index (currt) L11 & 12  L13; L14 L16 L17;  L18.  L19.  L20.  L21.  L22-23. L24-25.     EXCHANGE RATE CARTOONS35 yrs. of $ cartoons & RMB.

Lecture slides; Readings



HKS Executive Programs in 2012-2014: 
Senior Executive Fellows:
Feb., Apr, Oct.2013.  Feb. & Apr.2014.    
China Leaders in Developnt;       Cutting
Edge of Developmt Think;      Leading Ec.Growth.

 IGLP, Harvard Law School, 2012; slides: 1.Monetary & 2.fiscal policy (appendix); 3.euro crisis.

           Oil Ec. lecture slides, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy 2010, Baku:  1.Oil Prices.  2. Resource Curse.  3.Recommendations. 4.Democracy.     

Growth, Globalization, the Gulf, chaired by J.Frankel.  Outline. Exec.Progr., Dubai School Govt, 2007.   Gulf Macro lecture.   


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