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This page contains information and resources regarding my research, including my publications (books, articles and book chapters), dissertation, and working papers.

  Research Interests
  American foreign policy, international security, mass media
  and politics, political communication, political psychology,
  democratic crisis behavior, the American presidency.

  Peer-Reviewed Publications





  • “Media, Public Opinion, and Presidential Leadership.” 2011. In Berinsky, Adam, Editor, New Directions in Public Opinion, Ch. 12, pp.258-270. New York: Routledge.
  • Soft News and The Four Oprah Effects. 2011. Oxford Handbook of American Public Opinion and the Media. Jacobs, Lawrence and Robert Shapiro, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming). (With Angela Jamison.)



  Working Papers

  • Playing to the Crowd: Public Opinion and the Initiation of Trade Sanctions (with Angela O'Mahony and Michael Hiscox). Abstract
  • Public Opinion and the Domestic Politics of Congressional Trade Sanctions (with Angela O'Mahony and Michael Hiscox). Abstract
  • Sanctioning in the Shadow of War: The Interdependence of Economic Sanctions and the Use of Military Force. (with Angela O'Mahony and Michael Hiscox).