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Rema Hanna

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Coming of Age in The Economist, December 2013.

Q+A: Air Quality Linked to Productivity in Harvard Kennedy School Magazine, Winter 2013.

Thinking about how to target anti-poverty programs: ordeals or proxy means tests? World Bank Development Blog, July 2013.

Selected Articles from JPAL Launch Event in Indonesia: Hanna to Serve as Scientific Director of new JPAL office in Indonesia, HKS News, July 2013. J-PAL to Open SE Asia Office in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post, June 2013. SBY Reaffirms Poverty-Alleviation Credentials, The Jakarta Globe, June 2013.

New Research Finds Direct Correlation Between Pollution and Infant Mortality in Harvard Kennedy School News, December 2012.

Smokeless Stoves, Girl-Friendly Schools, and the Bloc That Wasn't in Foreignpolicy.com, August 2012.

Good news: Air is cleaner. Bad news: Water still dirty in Rediff.com, August 2012.

Has environmental regulation been successful in India? in Ideas for India, July 2012.

Not fired with logic in The Hindustan Times, July 2012.

What cookstoves tell us about the limits of technology in The Washington Post, May 2012.

The Ongoing Battle Between Technology and Human Behavior in Freakonomics.com, May 2012.

New study pokes holes in $105-million clean cookstove campaign in The Glove and Mail, April 2012.

The limits of plug-and-play development in The Economist, April 2012.

The Cookstove Conumdrum in New York Times India Ink, April 2012.

When Helpful Intentions Go Up in Smoke in The Boston Globe, April 2012.

Coming Clean on Cookstoves in Center for Global Development: Views from the Center, April 2012.

'Clean cookstoves' draw support, but they may not improve indoor air quality in The Washington Post, April 2012.

A Say Increased Life Satisfaction in Handelsblatt, January 2012.

A Boost for the World's Poorest Schools in New York Times Opinionator, January 2012.

USAID Administrator at the FICCI Forum in India Blooms, December 2011.

Innovate to Progress in Hindustan Times, December 2011.

Innovation in India in Business Daily, BBC, December 2011.

The Developing World, Leading on Climate Change? in New York Times India Ink, November 2011.

New York Study on Who May End Up Homeless Called Cruel in New York Times, December 2010.


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