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Professor of the Practice of International Development
Director, Science, Technology, Globalization
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
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Calestous Juma


Calestous Juma is Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He also directs the Center's Agricultural Innovation in Africa Project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and serves as Faculty Chair of the Edward S. Mason Fellows Program as well as Faculty Chair of the Innovation for Economic Development executive program. Juma is a former Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Founding Director of the African Centre for Technology Studies in Nairobi. He is co-chair of the African Union's High-Level Panel on Science, Technology and Innovation and a jury member of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. He was Chancellor of the University of Guyana and has been elected to several scientific academies including the Royal Society of London, the US National Academy of Sciences, the World Academy of Sciences, the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and the African Academy of Sciences. He has won several international awards for his work on sustainable development. He holds a doctorate in science and technology policy studies and has written widely on science, technology, and environment. Juma serves on the boards of several international bodies andis editor of the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation and theInternational Journal of Biotechnology. His latest book, The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa, was published by Oxford University Press in 2011. He is currently working on on books on engineering for development and resistance to new technologies. Follow @Calestous on Twitter



  • IGA-523 Innovation for Global Development


  • IGA-520 Political Economy of Innovation for Sustainability

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