HKS Facts

HKS Facts is a quick guide to important information about Harvard Kennedy School. You can also find this same information on the downloadable HKS Facts Sheet PDF

Harvard Kennedy School Mission

To train enlightened public leaders and to generate the ideas that provide the solutions to our most challenging public problems.


all numbers: area code 617
Main Number 495-1100
Alumni Relations and Resource Development 496-7047
Communications and Public Affairs 495-1115
Enrollment Services:
   Admissions, Student Financial Services, Registrar 495-1155
   Executive Education 496-0484
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Faculty and Staff

   Tenured professors 51
   Emeritus professors 4
   Public service professors/professors of practice 10
   Associate professors 9
   Assistant professors 12
   Lecturers and senior lecturers 42
   Visitors 6
   Part-time adjunct faculty 51
Total 188
   Teaching programs 105
   Research programs 197
   Administrative/support 171
Total 473

Master's Degrees

Approximately 1015 full-time students are enrolled in the school's master's degree programs. Harvard Kennedy School also offers several joint and concurrent degree programs.

Degree First Year Second Year
MPP 222 265
MPA 72 95
MC/MPA 213
MPA/ID 67 81
Total 1,015
Total international students 440
Number of countries represented 92

Doctoral Programs

Five doctoral programs are administered jointly with Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Approximately 162 full-time students are enrolled in doctoral programs. 

   PhD in Public Policy 50
   PhD in Political Economy and Government 24
   PhD in Sociology and Social Policy 17
   PhD in Government and Social Policy 10
   PhD in Health Policy 61
Total international students 44
Number of countries represented 31

Executive Education

Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School offers programs for leaders from around the world. The programs bring together experienced professionals, a renowned faculty, and a dynamic curriculum in a setting where the common denominator is a shared commitment the public interest. The result is a lasting transformational leadership experience.

Executive Education offers more than 30 open enrollment programs each year in six portfolio areas:

Federal Portfolio
National Security Portfolio
Global Portfolio
State and Local Portfolio
Executive Skill Development Portfolio
Nonprofit/NGO Portfolio

In 2012, 2,953 students participated in HKS Executive Education programs.  About 51%, or 1,520, of the students were international, representing 151 countries. 

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Fiscal Facts: FY 2010

Operating Income (in millions)
   student income $56.3
      less financial aid ($16.7)
   sponsored revenue $22.2
   current use gifts $32.4
   investment income $40
   other $10.5
   total $144.7
Expenses (in millions)
   salaries and wages $63.3
   employee benefits $23.1
   scholarships and awards $6.5
   supplies and equipment $5.8
   space $15.2
   other* $27
   non-operating charges $4.3
total $145.2
*Other includes travel and entertainment, professional services, reproduction costs, and communications.

John F. Kennedy School of Government 79 John F. Kennedy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
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