Bryan Stevenson MPP/JD 1985

Joint & Concurrent Degrees

The Basics

Harvard Kennedy School offers two-year master’s degree candidates the opportunity to earn a second master’s degree with a number of professional schools at Harvard or selected professional schools at other universities in less time than would be required to complete the two degrees separately. An MBA and a MPP, MPA/ID or MPA degree can be earned in three years rather than four; a JD and MPP, MPA/ID or MPA in four years rather than five. An MD degree can be combined with any HKS two-year degree in five years rather than four.

Applicants apply to each school separately and, if admitted to both, spend the first year of the program at one school and the second at the other. The final year of the program is split between the two schools. The two degrees may not be completed separately and both degrees must be awarded at the same time. At no time may a student be enrolled in a combined degree with more than one other school.

Alumni Spotlight

Chris Hurst MPP 2011

Chris Hurst, MPA-ID/MBA 2013, Director of Risk Management, Mercy Corps

"The HBS-HKS joint-degree program gave me a fantastic peer and faculty network…a chance to dive deeply into big problems, with people who are passionate about solving them…a chance to develop friends from all over the world, who have done incredible things…a chance to feel challenged, and inspired…to risk, to fail, to win…to build new tools in organizing others…to explore a career shift… three of the best years of my life."

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