Life after HKS

Not surprisingly, Mid-Career graduates present the most diverse employment trajectories imaginable. About half return to their previous places of employment — either better equipped to resume their continuing duties, or prepared to take on new responsibilities. An investment banker, for example, launches a new public sector group; an officer in the military moves up in rank and assumes new management tasks.

Where they choose to work, MC/MPA graduates continue to lead change — although that leadership often is exhibited on a larger stage, in more innovative ways, with a more profound impact.

MC/MPA alumni include the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of Mexico, the President of Liberia, and other leaders in government and NGOs around the world.

For more information about careers after HKS, please visit the website of the Office of Career Advancement.

Alumni Spotlight

Lucinda Glover

Lucinda Glover MC/MPA 2012

"The MC/MPA Program gave me a lot of inspiration, it dared me to dream but in a way that is very grounded in the realities of public policy...Taking a year out of work and your life is a big commitment, but it's also the best investment I've made in myself, for myself and my country."

Photo: Martha Stewart

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