Farayi Chipungu MPA 2012

Life After HKS

Graduates of the MPA program assume positions of responsibility in an impressive variety of organizations around the world. Some, sponsored by their governments, return to high-level administrative posts in their home countries. Others take advantage of this turning point in their careers to move into a new sector: from private to public or nonprofit. Some continue to pursue their research and other intellectual interests.

Whatever careers our graduates pursue, many among them will emerge as 21st century leaders. They will invent and implement new approaches to governance, across a broad spectrum of settings. They will change.

For more information about careers after HKS, please visit the website of the Office of Career Advancement.

Alumni Spotlight

Bernhard Metz MPA 2012

Bernhard Metz MPA 2012

"The Kennedy School offers much more than just classes, academic knowledge and skills. As an HKS alumnus I am a member of a close global network that can be of enormous help for reaching my professional goals."

Photo: Martha Stewart

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