Whether on-campus or long-distance, building relationships can help you access to the best candidates for your job or internship.

Build a Presence on Campus and Off

Network to Improve Access to Talent and Ideas

We encourage you to share the work of your organization with our School. Whether through an on-campus visit or through publicizing your employment needs through our job bank, we invite you to connect with our community of students and alumni. Our global, diverse community pursues myriad employment opportunities reflecting the richness of their background, the strength of their training,  and their shared passion to build a better, healthier, safer, and more just world.

If you would like to work with a Harvard Kennedy School student, we'd like to help facilitate the introduction. We do that through a range of programs that allow you to:

Please contact our Employer Relations team for more information.

Jack Chow MC/MPA 1996, 2013 Advanced Leadership Fellow

“When I was a senior official at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, I learned that two of the summer interns in my division were HKS students. I invited them and other HKS alums I happened to know to a beer and pizza get-together. Other HKS heard about this event and wanted me to put together a second event, which brought a crowd of two dozen. Soon, these informal gatherings expanded, regularized, and created momentum leading to the creation of the Harvard Club of Geneva. I am glad to have been the connecting catalyst for HKS alums serving at the international organizations over there.”