Start planning early to make the most of your time at HKS.

Set Career Goals

Make the Most of Your Journey

Attending the Harvard Kennedy School can certainly open doors for you. Still, to make the most of the opportunity, it pays to think ahead.

Whether or not you are clear on a career path, taking stock of your skills, talents, and life goals before you arrive can help advise choices you make while at the Harvard Kennedy School -- from which classes to take and which events to attend to what networking connections you might want to encourage.

Once classes begin, make time to visit the Office of Career Advancement. Meet with our career coaches, explore our resources, and take advantage of the career events that are held throughout the School and the year.

With so much to choose from, it can prove challenging to prioritize your job search. Students who do carve out the time will reap the benefits of a strong professional network and positive positioning for the opportunities ahead.