Job Market Candidates

For questions regarding the candidates, you may contact the Placement Directors Rohini Pande and Matthew Baum or the Program Director Nicole Tateosian.

Political Economy and Government

Joana Naritomi         web site
Research and teaching fields: Public Finance and Development Economics
Paper title: Consumers as Tax Auditors
Recommenders: Raj Chetty, Andrei Shleifer, Alberto Alesina, Michael Kremer

Arash Nekoei          web site
Research fields:  Labor Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy
Paper Titile:  Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Imrpove Job Quality?
Recommenders: Raj Chetty, Lawrence Katz, Nathaniel Hendren

Hye Young You         web site
Research and teaching fields:  Political Economy, American Political Institutions, Lobbying and Regulations, Strategy, Formal Theory
Paper title:  Ex Post Lobbying
Recommenders:  Kenneth Shepsle, James Snyder, Jeffry Frieden, Dani Rodrik 

Public Policy

Dany Bahar          web site
Research and teaching fields: International Economics and International Development
Paper title: Heavier than Air?  Knowledge Transmission within the Multinational Firm
Recommenders: Elhanan Helpman, Pol Antras, Ricardo Hausmann, Laura Alfaro

Ariel Dora Stern         web site
Research and teaching fields: Health Economics, Innovation Policy, Statistics, Econometrics, US Health Care Policy
Paper title: Innovation Under Regulatory Uncertainty: Evidence from Medical Technology
Recommenders:  Ambitabh Chandra, David Cutler, Daniel Carpenter, Scott Stern (MIT)

Laurence Tai          web site       
Research and teaching fields: Bureaucracy, Public Law, Interbranch Politics, Courts and Public Policy, Formal Modeling, Law and Economics
Paper title: A Reverse Rationale for Reliance on Regulators
Recommenders: Daniel Carpenter, Kenneth Shepsle, Richard Zeckhauser

Alexandra van Geen         web site
Research and teaching fields: Behavioral Economics, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Judgment and Decision Making, Game Theory
Paper title: Risk in the Background: How Men and Women Respond
Recommenders: Iris Bohnet, Max Bazerman, Richard Zeckhauser