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PhD in Political Economy & Government

The PhD in Political Economy and Government is designed for students interested in the impact of politics on economic processes and outcomes, and the reciprocal influence of economic conditions on political life.  It is appropriate for students whose academic interests are not served by doctoral studies in Economics or Political Science alone.

This interest is often applied to such diverse areas as international political economy, political development, political and economic institutions, institutional transition and reform, environmental resource policies, and social policy.

Admissions are very selective. On average no more than five candidates are chosen each year from a pool numbering over 100.

Working with their advisors students create a curriculum suited to their individual needs, while fulfilling core requirements in either an economics or political science track. Students are required to complete two full years of course work.

Recent recipients of the PhD degree in Political Economy and Government have taken academic positions at University of Zurich, University of Michigan, Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University, and other top academic institutions.  Other recent graduates have taken policy and analysis positions with the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, NGOs, and private sector companies.

Political Economy and Government Students on the Job Market

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Dissertation Archive

View a complete list of dissertations written from 1972 to the present by Political Economy and Government students in the Political Economy & Government Dissertation Archive. (Link to PDF)