DPI-209: Nonconsequentialist Ethical Theory and Aspects of Consequentialism

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: Frances Kamm


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Nonconsequentialists claim that right action is not solely a matter of producing good consequences. They claim that it is important how one treats people in the course of bringing about good consequences. This class will consider what the nonconsequentialist perspective implies for harming and benefiting people. Possible topics include: whether we should distinguish morally between harming people as a result of producing a good consequence and harming them in the course of producing such a consequence; whether it is permissible to redirect threats from a larger number of people to a smaller number of people (as discussed in the Trolley Problem); whether it is ever permissible to torture people or make agreements to harm them as a means to helping others; in what ways we should benefit people when we cannot benefit everyone; how creating people relates to harming and benefiting them. Prerequisite: DPI-201 or a prior ethics course is required.

Also offered by the Philosophy Department as Phil 278, but not offered in 2015-16.






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