MLD-408M: Money Management and Policy Implementation in Developing Countries

Semester: Not Offered

Credit: 0.5

Faculty: Matt Andrews


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Finance is a crucial aspect of development. Financial management issues have often been simplified into debates on amounts needed to close development gaps or the importance of having governments in the developing world adopt "best practice" reforms. Managing money, especially in the implementation of complex reforms, involves much more than this, however. This course explores some of the complexities of managing money in such contexts, providing a broad discussion of the elements of financial management, how these interrelate with policymaking processes, and how these relate to other management processes (performance management, human resource management, etc.). The course looks at financial management in development organizations, governments, NGOs, and private entities to give students a broad idea on the complex interactions between such groups. It adopts both theory and applied cases in the teaching process to ensure that students gain understanding of how financial management matters in development and what current practice is in this area.

Not offered in 2015-16.




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