Sponsored Program Awards History

  New Awards: August 2014

Principal Investigator



Bazerman,  Max

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The Behavioral Insights Group and the Behavioural Insights Team

Ferguson,  Ronald

Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation

Two Community- Building Research Projects

Hausmann,  Ricardo

Banco Colombiano de Comercio Exterior

Colombia's Observatory of Economic Complexity

Howitt,  Arnold

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Pande,  Rohini

Institute for the Study of Labor

Empowering Women through Public Policy:  Can Gender-Sensitive Policy Reform to a Major Public Works Program Encourage Female Work and Improve Women's Wellbeing

Stavins,  Robert

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Assessment of Climate Science

Western,  Bruce

National Science Foundation

A Life History Perspective on Social Integration after Prison

Western,  Bruce

J.C. Flowers Foundation

New York Reentry Study


   *Sponsor may refer to a subcontractor or other Harvard School.

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