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European Network on Inequality (ENI)

Residency experiences

For Harvard Inequality Doctoral Fellows, the ENI research residencies are designed to enable all Ph.D. participants—European specialists and non-specialists alike—to explore other research traditions and approaches to social policy in a more broadly comparative context. Inequality Fellows may use the research residency experience either to carry out original research towards a paper or to engage in a "research apprenticeship" alongside a European mentor.

Some twenty-five Inequality Fellows have participated in an ENI research residency to date. The EI fellows and their projects are listed below by site.





Michael Fortner, Government & Social Policy (Oct-Nov 2004)
Research question: “Why does racial and ethnic politics persist in New York City while London retains a class-oriented politics even amidst similar patterns of ethnic and racial migration?”
Mentor: Professor Anne Power

Nathan Fosse, Sociology (Jun-Jul 2006)
Research topic: "Health inequality in the U.K"
Mentor: Professors Kathleen Kiernan and Michael Marmot (UCL)

Ann Owens, Sociology & Social Policy (May-Jul 2007)
Research question: "Neighborhood Effects on Educational Outcomes."
Mentors: Professors Ruth Lupton, Anne Power, and Simon Burgess

Melanie Penny, Sociology & Social Policy (May-Jun 2005)
Research question: “Does residents’ normative labeling of their neighborhood influence the degree to which residents will participate in social organizational processes in their neighborhoods?”
Mentors: Professor Anne Power and Caroline Paskell

Vesla Weaver, Government & Social Policy (Jun-Jul 2004)
Research question: “How much of the racial disparity in incarceration in the U.K. can be explained by crime involvement, discrimination at various levels in the criminal justice system, socioeconomic marginality, or larger institutional factors including racially-biased crime policy?”
Mentors: Professors Anne Power and Tim Newburn


Naomi Calvo, Public Policy (February-March 2007)
Research topic: "School choice in the U.K."
Mentor: Professor Stephen Machin

Hanley Chiang, Economics (April 2007)
Research topic: "School Accountability"
Mentor: Professor Stephen Machin

Judith Scott-Clayton, Public Policy (May-June 2006)
Research questions: "Do college students in the U.K. work as much as in the U.S.? How have changes in student funding impacted students' labor supply decisions? What lessons for U.S. policy can be learned from the U.K.'s experience with student funding reform over the past decade?"
Mentor: Professor Stephen Machin


Jennifer Sykes-McLaughlin, Sociology & Social Policy (July-August 2006)
Research topic: "Child protection measures in the U.K."
Mentor: Dr. Esther Dermott

Jessica Welburn, Sociology (mid-May to mid-July 2006)
Research question: "What are the attitudes of second generation black Caribbean immigrant women in the U.K. toward romantic partner selection?"
Mentors: Professor Tariq Modood and Dr. Esther Dermott



Chris Bail
, Sociology (Jun 2005)
Research question: “Anti-Racism à l’Africain: The Architecture of Everyday Racism in France”
Mentor: Professor Riva Kastoryano

Victor Chen, Sociology & Social Policy (Apr-May 2005)
Research question: “What is the relationship between the right-wing and left-wing camps within the anti-globalization movement in France?”
Mentors: Professors Nonna Mayer, Pascal Perrineau, and Vincent Tiberj

Laura Tach, Sociology & Social Policy (Nov-Dec 2007)
Research question: "Public Discourse on Immigration in France."
Mentor: Louis Chauvel



Ethan Fosse, Sociology (Jul-Aug 2007)
Research question: "Changes in Political Views among Individuals in Different Occupations."
Mentor: Jens Alber

Benjamin Goodrich, Government and Sociology (Jun-Aug 2006)
Research question: "How do mass attitudes toward economic inequality affect political behavior?"
Mentor: Professor Jens Alber



Daniel Hopkins, Government & Social Policy (March-April 2007)
Research topic: "Diversity and public investment in Ireland"
Mentors: Dr. Dorren McMahon, Professors Niamh Hardiman and Richard Sinnott

Helen Marrow, Sociology & Social Policy (January-February 2006)
Research question: “What are the racial/ethnic identifications of Latin American immigrants in Ireland?”
Mentor: Dr. Dorren McMahon

Zoua Vang, Sociology (September-October 2004)
Research question: “What is the relationship among immigration, race, and crime in Ireland?”
Mentor: Dr. Dorren McMahon



Samuel Abrams, Government (January 2007)
Research topic: "Italian voting trends and political participation habits"
Mentor: Professor Mark Franklin

Daniel Schlozman, Government & Social Policy (February- March 2007)
Research topic: "The role of unions in European Social Democratic parties"
Mentors: Professors Peter Mair and Mark Franklin


Center for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Madrid

David Mericle, Economics (Jun-Jul 2007)
Research question: "Why Growth and the Liberalization of Trade Increases Inequality"
Mentor: Professor Andrew Richards

Francis Shen, Government and Social Policy (Oct-Dec 2006)
Research question: "How do cultural dynamics in Spain influence the institutional development of criminal and civil sexual violence policy?"
Mentor: Professor Andrew Richards


Traci Burch, Government & Social Policy (June-July 2005):
Research question: “What is the interplay between the Spanish news media and public opinion about the war in Iraq?”
Mentor: Professor Francesc Pallares Porta

Ryan T. Moore, Government & Social Policy (June-July 2005)
Research question: “Eligibility and sanctions in non-benefit social policies: do racial heterogeneity and immigration matter to levels of redistribution in OECD countries?
Mentors: Professors Gøsta Esping-Andersen and Sebastià Sarasa Urdiola



Adam Thomas, Public Policy (June-July 2005)
Research question: “How do public benefits and services in Sweden affect family formation patterns and children’s economic well being in Sweden?”
Mentor: Lena Nekby



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