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European Network on Inequality (ENI)



:: Application procedures
:: Travel rules





The European Network on Inequality (ENI) research residency placements are available only to Harvard Ph.D. students who are Doctoral Fellows of the Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy.

Since funding for the ENI placements comes from the National Science Foundation, financial support is further restricted to Doctoral Fellows who are US citizens or permanent residents. Nonetheless, the Inequaliity program's international students who are interested in these opportunities are urged to consult about alternative funding sources that may enable participation in the European Network.


Two-step application process

Step 1: Pre-proposal email (due January 31)
Applicants should send short e-mail to inequality@harvard.edu listing (i) research project title, (ii) two site choices, and (iii) proposed dates of residency.

Step 2: Full application (due February 28)
The application form is an interactive PDF form. Applicants should first download and save the form before typing directly into the form. There are four parts to the full application:

  • Part I: Completed application form
  • Part II: Research statement (separate document)
  • Part III: Curriculum vitae (separate document)
  • PLUS one faculty letter of recommendation (form enclosed). Faculty members are encouraged to e-mail their letters directly to Pamela Metz.

:: Download application form (pdf)





(1) Inequality Fellows who carry out a research residency as part of the European Network on Inequality are required to fly on a U.S. carrier AND to book their flights through one of Harvard's preferred travel vendors. Under no circumstances should Inequality Fellows book their flights before getting authorization from the program. Pamela Metz will help fellows arrange direct purchase through Harvard Travel.


(2) All ENI participants must read and submit the Assumption of Risk and General Release form for Harvard Graduate and Professional School students (link below) to Pamela Metz before an ENI placement can be finalized:

:: Assumption of Risk and General Release form


(3) Harvard Travel Assist provides 24 hour medical referrals, emergency evacuation, and repatriation for Harvard's employees and students traveling abroad on behalf of or with the support of the University. All ENI participants are required to register their itinerary in advance with Harvard Travel Registry so that Harvard Travel Assist can locate you and provide assistance in an emergency.

:: Instructions | Link to Harvard Travel Registry


(4) The Multidisciplinary Program's financial office also requires that fellows submit copies of major receipts to Pamela Metz upon their return, including lease, airline ticket, etc. as proof of the length of their stay.


(5) Fellows are also asked to submit a brief report of their research experience in Europe within one month of their return. This report should assess their research placement and provide practical advice for future ENI fellowship recipients going to their research location.






A National Science Foundation IGERT program :: IGERT National Recruitment Program

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