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Ph.D.'s on the Job Market, 2014-2015

The Harvard Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy is a National Science Foundation IGERT initiative (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training). The program brings together Harvard Ph.D. students and faculty from across the social sciences and policy fields.

Participating Doctoral Fellows fulfill all academic requirements of their home discipline, while also undertaking a complementary multidisciplinary program of study and research focused on issues of inequality and social policy, broadly defined.

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Frank SchilbachFrank Schilbach
Ph.D. candidate in Economics (May 2015)

Fields: Development Economics, Behavioral Economics

Dissertation title: "Essays in Development and Behavioral Economics"

Committee: Sendhil Mullainathan (Chair), Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer, David Laibson.

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:: fnschilb@fas.harvard.edu




Nathalie BauNatalie Bau
Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy (May 2015)

Fields: Development Economics, Education Economics, Industrial Organization

Dissertation title: "Essays at the Intersection of Development and Education Economics"

Committee: Chris Avery, Roland Fryer, Asim Khwaja, and Nathan Nunn (chair).

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:: Natalie_Bau@hks.harvard.edu


Dan HonigDan Honig
Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy (May 2015)

Fields: Comparative, International Relations, Development, Public Management, Political Economy.

Dissertation title: "Navigation by Judgment: Organizational Autonomy and Country Context in the Delivery of Foreign Aid"

Committee: Peter Hall (Chair), Beth Simmons, Ryan Sheely, and Matt Andrews.

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:: dhonig@fas.harvard.edu




Deirdre BloomeJennifer Sheehy-Skeffington
Ph.D. in Psychology, 2014.

Current positions:
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.

Fields: Psychology

Dissertation title: "Society in Mind: The Manifestation of Structural Power and Status Differences in Cognitive and Regulatory Domains"

Committee: James Sidanius (Chair), Mahzarin Banaji, Steven Pinker, and Jennifer Hochschild.

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Benjamin SosnaudBenjamin Sosnaud
Ph.D. candidate in Sociology (May 2015)

Fields: Social stratification and inequality, health inequalities and population health, political institutions and social policy, and poverty. 

Dissertation title: "Life Chances: Infant Mortality, Institutions, and Inequality in the United States"

Committee: Jason Beckfield (Chair), Bruce Western, and Christopher Jencks.

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:: bsosnaud@fas.harvard.edu




Tracey ShollenbergerTracey Shollenberger
Ph.D. candidate in Sociology & Social Policy
(May 2015)

Fields: Criime and criminal justice, education, stratification, social policy, research methods, research design.

Dissertation title: "Exclusionary School Discipline and the "School-to-Prison Pipeline"

Committee: Bruce Western (Chair), Christopher Jencks,
and Alexandra Killewald 

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:: tshollen@fas.harvard.edu




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