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Audio tapes of the seminar available in the KSG library.

Malcolm Wiener Inequality
& Social Policy Seminar Series

Fall 1998

Note: Presentation begins at 12:20 pm

SEP 21, 1998

AAGE SORENSEN, Sociology, Harvard University

"On Kings, Pietism, and Rent-Seeking in Scandinavian Welfare States"

SEP 28, 1998

JENNIFER HOCHSCHILD, Princeton University

"One, Some, and Many: The Problems of Democracy in American Education Policy"

OCT 5, 1998

DANI RODRIK, Kennedy School of Govt.

"Democracies Pay Higher Wages"

OCT 19, 1998

RICHARD FREEMAN, Economics, Harvard University

"Does Inequality Explain Our Working So Much?"

OCT 26, 1998

DAVID ELLWOOD and TOM KANE, Kennedy School of Govt.

"Inequality Beyond High School: The Trends in College Enrollment"

NOV 2 , 1998

R. KENT WEAVER, The Brookings Institution

"Ending Welfare as We Know It: The Politics of Welfare Reform, 1992-1996"

NOV 9, 1998

WILLIAM JULIUS WILSON, Kennedy School of Govt.

"From Preference to Affirmative Opportunity"

NOV 16, 1998

JODY HEYMANN, Harvard School of Public Health

"Inequalities in the Workplace: The Conditions Low-Income Parents Face"

NOV 23, 1998

MARY WATERS, Sociology, Harvard University

"The Transition from School to Work Among the Second Generation in New York City: Preliminary Findings and Research Questions"

NOV 30, 1998

PAUL PETERSON, Government, Harvard University

"A Mid-Term Report Card on School Choice"

DEC 7, 1998

JEANNE BROOKS-GUNN, Columbia University

"Do Parents or Income Matter? The Case of Poor Young Children"

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