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Audio tapes of the seminar available in the KSG library.

Malcolm Wiener Inequality
& Social Policy Seminar Series

Fall 1999

Note: Presentation begins at 12:20 pm

SEP 27, 1999

THEDA SKOCPOL, Departments of Government and Sociology, Harvard University

"Civic Engagement in American Democracy"

OCT 1 , 1999

SPECIAL SYMPOSIUM: "Labor Market Participation, Racial Inequality and Political Attitudes: Major Findings from the Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality (MCSUI)"

A day-long symposium to celebrate the publication of the Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality, a project of the Russell Sage Foundation.

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OCT 4 , 1999

ORLANDO PATTERSON, Department of Sociology, Harvard University

"Continuity and Change in Afro-American Gender and Familial Relations"

OCT 18, 1999

EDWARD GLAESER, Department of Economics, Harvard University

"Why do the Poor Live in Cities?"

OCT 25, 1999

MICHAEL KATZ, University of Pennsylvania

"Redefining the Welfare State in America, 1980-1999"

NOV 1 , 1999

DOUGLAS MASSEY, University of Pennsylvania

"Use of Black English and Racial Discrimination in Housing: New Methods and Findings"

NOV. 8, 1999

PAUL PIERSON , Department of Government, Harvard University

"The Politics of Welfare State Restructuring in Affluent Democracies"

NOV 15, 1999

LAWRENCE M. MEAD, New York University

"Statecraft: Welfare Reform in Wisconsin"

NOV 22, 1999

ALAN KRUGER, Princeton University

"Rethinking the Minimum Wage"

NOV 29, 1999

FRANK FURSTENBERG, University of Pennsylvania

"Why it Took 30 Years to Do a Study: Findings from the Baltimore Project"

DEC 6 , 1999

FRANK LEVY, MIT, and Richard Murnane, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Computers and the Demand for Occupations"

DEC 13, 1999

SIDNEY VERBA, Department of Government

"Time, Money, and Political Equality"












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