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Malcolm Wiener Center
Inequality & Social Policy Seminar Series

Fall 2014


(Light lunch available at 12:00 Presentation begins at 12:20)

SEMINAR LOCATION (unless otherwise noted)
Harvard Kennedy School
Allison Dining Room
(Taubman Bldg-520)
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SEP 8, 2014

DOUGLAS MASSEY, Sociology, Princeton University

"The Social Ecology of Inequality"

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SEP 15, 2014

JEANNE BROOKS-GUNN, Teachers College and College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University

"Efficacy of Early Childhood Education Programs: How Strong is the Evidence?"

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SEP 22, 2014

JOHN D. STEPHENS, Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Pre-distribution and Redistribution: Alternative or Complementary Policies?"

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SEP 29, 2014
* Note room change: Now in Wiener Auditorium (Harvard Kennedy School, Taubman ground floor).

SHAMUS KHAN, Sociology, Columbia University

"Privilege: The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul’s School"

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OCT 6, 2014

GREG DUNCAN, School of Education, University of California, Irvine

"What Kind of Preschool Programs Reduce Achievement Gaps?"

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OCT 13, 2014




OCT 20, 2014

BRUCE CARRUTHERS, Sociology, Northwestern University

"Credit and Inequality: Linking Macro with Micro"

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OCT 27, 2014

GARY KING, Government, Harvard University

"Reverse Engineering Censorship in China"

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NOV 3, 2014

ANDREAS MUELLER, Columbia Business School

"A Contribution to the Empirics of Reservation Wages"

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NOV 10, 2014

ROBERT H. FRANK, Johnson School of Management,
Cornell University

"Why Inequality Also Harms the Rich"

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NOV 17, 2014

CECILIA L. RIDGEWAY, Sociology, Stanford University

"What Binds Low Status Members to the Group?"

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NOV 24, 2014

DAVID J. VOGEL, Political Science and Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

"The Politics of Risk Regulation in Europe and the United States"

This seminar will draw from The Politics of Precaution, Princeton University Press, 2012.

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DEC 1, 2014

JONATHAN RODDEN, Political Science, Stanford University

"The Long Shadow of the Industrial Revolution: Representation and Policy in the U.S. States"

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DEC 4, 2014—(THURSDAY)
*Co-sponsored by Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)
in CGIS South S-050 | 1730 Cambridge Street map

CHRISTOPHER BERRY, Harris School of Public Policy,
University of Chicago

"Direct Democracy and Redistribution: Reassessing the Voter Initiative"

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DEC 8, 2014

CHRISTOPHER WILDEMAN, Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

"Geographic Variation in the Cumulative Risk of Maltreatment and Foster Care Placement"

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DEC 15, 2014

CHRISTOPHER UGGEN, Sociology, University of Minnesota

"Fluidity and Stickiness in Crime, Punishment, and Inequality"

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