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Audio tapes of the seminar available in the KSG library.

Malcolm Wiener Inequality
& Social Policy Seminar Series

Spring 2002

Note: Presentation begins at 12:20 pm

FEB 4, 2002

CHRISTOPHER WINSHIP, Department of Sociology, Harvard

"Does Going to College Make You Smarter?"

FEB 11, 2002

NATHAN GLAZER, Department of Sociology, Harvard

"Why Don't Americans Care About Inequality?"

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FEB 25, 2002

CATHIE JO MARTIN, Boston University

"Business Preferences for Social Policy"

MAR 4, 2002

RICHARD FREEMAN, Department of Economics, Harvard

"Will Inequality Cause China to Implode?"

MAR 11, 2002

ICHIRO KAWACHI, Harvard School of Public Health

"Income Inequality & Health"

MAR 18, 2002

HILARY HOYNES, University of California, Davis

"Inside the Black Box: Reform on Living Arrangements and Family Well-Being"

APR 1, 2002

ANTHONY MARX, Columbia University

"Exclusionary Origins of Nationalism and Implications for Inequality"

APR 8, 2002

KAY SCHLOZMAN, Boston University

"Who Bowls? The (Un)changing Stratification of Participation"

APR 15, 2002

REBECCA BLANK, University of Michigan

"Equity and Efficiency Complement Each Other"

APR 22, 2002

ANDREW CHERLIN, Johns Hopkins University

"Welfare, Children, and Families: A Study of Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio"

APR 29, 2002

ALEJANDRO PORTES, Princeton University

"Bilingualism, Language Loss, and its Correlates in the Immigrant Second Generation"




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