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Audio tapes of the seminar available in the KSG library.

Malcolm Wiener Inequality
& Social Policy Seminar Series

Spring 1999

Note: Presentation begins at 12:20 pm

FEB 8, 1999

ROBERT PUTNAM, Government and Kennedy School of Govt.

"Social Capital and Equality: What's the Connection?"

FEB 22, 1999

LAWRENCE BOBO, Sociology, Harvard University

"Race and Power in the Workplace"

MAR 1, 1999

SARA MCLANAHAN, Princeton University

"Fragile Families and Child Well-Being "

MAR 8, 1999

STEVEN LEVITT, University of Chicago

"The Economics of Gangs and Drug-Selling"

MAR 15, 1999

BARBARA RESKIN, Sociology, Harvard University

"Affirmative Action in Employment: Public and Private Sector Interventions"

MAR 22 , 1999

DAVID CARD, Univ. of California, Berkeley

"Financial Incentives and Welfare Reform: Evidence from the SSP Experiment"

APR 5, 1999

KATHRYN EDIN, University of Pennsylvania

"Why Don't Low-Income Mothers Get Married or ReMarried?"

APR 12 , 1999

CHRISTOPHER JENCKS, Kennedy School of Govt., and SUSAN MAYER, University of Chicago

"Does Inequality Have Important Social Consequences?"

APR 19, 1999

CLAUDIA GOLDIN and LAWRENCE KATZ, Economics, Harvard University

"Inequality, the Returns to Education, and Egalitarianism: Perspectives from U.S. History"

APR 26, 1999

GREG DUNCAN, Northwestern University

"Does the Milwaukee New Hope Program Help Families and Children?"

MAY 3, 1999

ROBERT MOFFITT, The Johns Hopkins University

"Explaining Welfare Reform"




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