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The Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy regularly hosts two summer programs: the Inequality Summer Institute for senior scholars and the Galbraith Scholars program for undergraduates.

Inequality Summer Institute (by invitation)

Note: Not offered in summer 2011.

Peter Gottschalk and Sheldon Danziger at the Summer Institute 2004

The Inequality Summer Institute, generally held biennially in June, is a 2-3 day research workshop at Harvard University for program faculty, doctoral fellows, National Fellows, and other senior scholars to explore emerging research on issues of inequality and social policy. Although the Summer Institute will not be held in 2011, materials from past programs are available on-line.
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Galbraith Scholars program (undergraduate)

Note: Not offered in summer 2011.

Professor John Kenneth Galbraith and the 2004 Galbraith Scholars

The Galbraith Scholars program is a unique summer opportunity designed to cultivate a diverse new generation of scholars and leaders who aspire to apply themselves to some of our nation's most pressing social problems. Those selected for the program receive full fellowships to attend a special five-day session of seminars and workshops at Harvard University.
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Note: Regrettably, the Galbraith Scholars program will NOT be offered in summer 2011. We hope to hold the program again in a future summer. If so, updated application information will be posted on our website by Jan 31, 2012.

Interested students may wish to keep in mind other programs offered elsewhere that are similarly designed for undergraduates with interests in public policy and the social sciences.







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