Legislative Histories

Databases & Publications

A project of the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation that provides official government data with news coverage, blog posts, & public comments. (Free Resource)

Proquest Congressional
Includes compiled legislative histories for major legislation, full-text congressional hearings, bills, the Congressional Record, the U.S Serial Set, committee prints and House/Senate documents.

Retrieve the full text of bills, summaries of the legislative history of a bill or law, links to some full-text committee reports and the Congressional Record. (Free resource)

HeinOnline U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
Provides access to the Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database and the U.S. Federal Legislative History Title Collection.

Legislative Branch Resources on GPO Access
Includes Histories of Bills, Congressional Bills, and the Congressional Record. (Free Resource)

Other Research Guides

Compiling A Legislative History: A Pathfinder
Created by the Western New England College School of Law Library. (Free Resource)

Federal Leglislative History
A guide to federal legislative research from the Harvard Law School Library. (Free Resource)

Finding Compiled Legislative Histories with LexisNexis Congressional
Video guide from the Harvard Law School Library. (Free Resource)

State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web
Guide from the Maurer School of Law Library at Indiana University. (Free Resource)