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Can I still use Zotero if I don't have internet access?

Yes and no.

Things you can do with Zotero offline:

  • Add citations and bibliographies to your papers in Word.
  • View attached pdfs and snapshots. In addition to these files being saved on Zotero's server they are also saved to a folder on your computer.
  • Add item records manually.
  • Create collections and sub collections, add tags, and add notes.

Things you can't do with Zotero offline:

  • Add items from databases, library catalogs, or websites.
  • Retrieve metadata for pdfs.
  • Create group libraries.

What do I do if a pdf doesn't open when I click on it?

If your pdf does not open automatically after clicking on it, fix this issue with Firefox by going here and downloading the Development Version for Firefox. You must be in Firefox when you click on this link for it to work. If you still have difficulty opening pdfs, click on the pdf and select Open in External Viewer.

Can I sync Zotero documents with Dropbox?

While you can't sync Zotero with Dropbox directly, you can install an additional Firefox addon called Zotfile. Zotfile lets you sync Zotero PDFs with your iPad or other device via Dropbox. Zotfile can also sync highlighting and annotations in your PDFs between your iPad and Zotero. For questions regarding using Zotero with Dropbox please contact Kristen Koob at kristen_koob@hks.harvard.edu.

How can I find out how much free storage space I have left?

You can find out how much storage space you have remaining by logging into your online account and clicking on Settings.

Going to Zotero online settings

Click on Storage.

Clicking on storage

You can now see how much storage you have used and can purchase additional storage space if needed.

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