From The Ground Up | The value of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements is coming into clear focus. Home Front | Natalie Jaresko MPP 1989 and the challenges of leadership in Ukraine. David T. Ellwood | To make a contribution that is bigger than our individual interests. Chief Technology Noodge | Aneesh Chopra MPP 1997 pursues a passion for smarter, leaner government. What Does the Research Say? | Will academic research help transform journalism?
Summer 2015 Features
Research Climate Project Laying a foundation for a new climate agreement. Alumni Home Front Natalie Jaresko MPP 1989 works to bring stability and growth to Ukraine. Campus Eleven Years David Ellwood’s tenure as dean has been one of remarkable accomplishments. Alumni Chief Technology Noodge Aneesh Chopra MPP 1997 has gone from first White House CTO to candidate to entrepreneur. Alumni Classnotes Connecting with your classmates and your community. Research Deep Background An audacious attempt to inject academic research into the media bloodstream.
Inside This Issue
Campus Forward Thinking A Q&A with HKS Dean-designate Doug Elmendorf. Alumni Friendly Persuasion “I can’t think of anything more important for this community or this country,” says Karen Kalish MC/MPA 2000. Research A New Lede Alex Jones on a career in journalism and academia. Research These Are No War Stories Compiling a priceless record of American diplomacy. Campus Family Friendly The challenges and opportunities of students with families. Research Faculty Books Our Kids, The Power of Noticing, The Responsive City, and more. Campus Bully Pulpit “You will stop earning money, you will work hard, you will not be thanked.” Forums, brownbags, and more from HKS. Campaign Convening Power “This is a place that aspires to reach across disciplines and boundaries … And physical spaces make a difference.” Alumni Value Added Stephanie Khurana MPP 1996, Bina Venkataraman MPP 2008, and Adam La Reau MC/MPA 2014. Campus Foundational Digging the new campus.