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STORY: Urgent Care BULLY PULPIT: Social Entrepreneurs ALUMNI: A Stake in the Ground


A Promise Is a Promise A teenage Raul Ruiz MPP 2001 made a pledge to the residents of his poor California hometown: Help me get an education, and I will return to serve.

Urgent Care With Massachusetts seen by many as the laboratory for health-care coverage, a legislator and Kennedy School academics work on the next big experiment.

Energy Matters From the new energy revolution to complex negotiations, Meghan O’Sullivan brings the messiness of real-world problems to the classroom and the imagination of academia to the world of practice.

Good Citizenship Margaret Stock MPA 2001 on a rational approach to immigration.

Closing in on Distance Learning One classroom, 12,000 students, 164 countries. The Kennedy School’s first foray into open source education.

Need Not Apply? College Possible’s Jim McCorkell MPA 1999 and Traci Kirtley MPP 2000 set their sights on making college a reality for low-income students.

A Transformative Gift Establishing the Sheila C. Johnson Fellows.


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Bully pulpit Social entrepreneurs | Juan Manuel Santos Calderón MC/MPA 1981 | Child soldiers | Government shutdown | Alan Simpson

In print Informing the News | The End of Big | A Case for Climate Engineering | Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era | Endangering Prosperity

Final Say Jorge Jaramillo HKSEE 2010, 1012

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From the Field Bill Forry MC/MPA 2010 | Kyu Rhee MPP 1996 | Zaher Nahle MC/MPA 2013