Professor Malcolm Sparrow (photo by Martha Stewart)

Managing the Boundary between Public and Private Policing

New report from New Perspectives in Policing series


In this report from the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety (2008-2014), funded by the OJP National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the author offers a unique opportunity for police executives to explore the critical issues that arise. Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Professor of the Practice of Public Management Malcolm K. Sparrow explains how it is no longer possible for public police to ignore the extent and pervasiveness of private policing arrangements in Managing the Boundary between Public and Private Policing.

Being in some general sense "for" or "against" private security is not helpful, as such views are inadequately nuanced or sophisticated given the variety of issues at stake. The motivations of private parties will rarely, if ever, be fully aligned with public interests. As public police engage in partnerships and networked relationships involving private and not-for-profit organizations, they become... MORE


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