Pamela Lachman, PCJ 2014-2015 Academic Year Fellow

Meet Pamela Lachman

The PCJ Welcomes New AY Fellow


As we begin another academic year by welcoming both new and returning students to Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) is pleased to have Pamela Lachman join the team as this year's Academic Year Fellow. In addition to pursuing a Master in Public Policy (MPP) from HKS, Pamela also works as a Senior Associate for the Crime and Justice Institute at Community Resources for Justice, helping states develop data-driven legislation and administrative policies to reform their criminal and juvenile justice systems.

As the PCJ Academic Year Fellow, Pamela has already begun collaborating with students on activities that include building a network, raising the PCJ profile, as well as encouraging study and research in the area of criminal justice. She is also a point-person for the Criminal Justice Student Professional Interest Council (PIC), a university-wide network that brings students from diverse backgrounds together to improve criminal justice policy and practice. Learn MORE about Pamela and her work.


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