From Warriors to Guardians: Recommitting American Police Culture to Democratic Ideals

New Perspectives in Policing Series

In this new report released today by the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety (2008-2014) and funded by the OJP National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Executive Session member Sue Rahr (Executive Director of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and former King County Sheriff, Seattle, Washington) and co-author Stephen K. Rice (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Seattle University) make a case for addressing both the internal and external culture of police agencies in order to create a culture that supports a guardian mindset.

In 'From Warriors to Guardians' the old adage “So the station…so the street” describes how the values demonstrated inside the organization have a powerful influence on police behavior in the community. The way leaders exercise their power inside the organization signals to officers how they are expected to use their power on the street. Strict military structure and protocols in many police agencies and training academies are at odds with the concept of internal procedural justice... MORE   


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