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Policing and Wrongful Convictions

Another New Perspectives in Policing Paper Released


As experienced professionals from policing and legal advocacy, Anthony Batts, Maddy deLone, and Darrel Stephens have come together to call for the field of policing to take the lead in reviewing cases, learning lessons, and changing practice to prevent the innocent from becoming swept into the criminal justice system and eventually convicted of crimes they did not commit. This new paper is part of a series from the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety (2008-2014), funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). In Policing and Wrongful Convictions the authors examine the systematic causes of wrongful criminal convictions and potential solutions to benefit both law enforcement and communities. As Stephens, a long-time police executive and one of the paper's authors says, “Police have always been concerned about the guilty going free because of a legal technicality; we should be even more concerned with an innocent person being wrongfully convicted. This paper makes specific recommendations for the police to help prevent wrongful convictions.” The recommendations draw upon many best practices that have emerged in recent years. Author and Executive Director of the Innocence Project, deLone attributes much learning to ... MORE  


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