2014 Summer Interns with the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School

Meet the PCJ Interns

Students working in CA, DC, LA, NY, & UK this Summer

The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) provides funding to support students working in summer internships that relate to criminal justice policy and management. PCJ Student Interns receive funding to defray living costs during their full-time, 10-week summer internships. Recipients of funding from the Program in 2014 are: 
Ryan Cohen, Robert Fuentes, Isaac Lara, MaryRose Mazzola, and Reetu Mody. Their work this summer will focus on school-to-prison pipeline and 'smart on crime' initiatives; a program to reduce recidivism and project to combat transnational organized crime; evaluating and making policy recommendations on domestic violence services; working with a nongovernmental organization focused on reinventing local governance; as well as a project representing inmates on death row in the post-conviction process. 

PCJ Executive Director, Christine Cole adds, "The PCJ's support of summer interns is one of the most important and valuable investments we make". She further explains that 'three or more students do (often ground-breaking), work for government or non-profit agencies, working in the safety and justice sector ... MORE


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