Tanvir Hussain

Tanvir is a Research Assistant at the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School. He works on the Indicator in Development: Safety and Justice project, and is involved with data management and analysis for the Program’s indicator development work in Bangladesh.

Additionally Tanvir also served as a Justice Indicator Summer Intern in 2012 with the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he worked on developing and experimenting with two pilot indicators of the speed of investigation. Tanvir’s work involved advising and presenting on the PCJ indicator development work in Bangladesh to high-ranking police administrators across the country, training CID Superintendants on the use of the two pilot indicators, and exploring opportunities for the use of governance indicators in furthering the long-run professionalization goals of Bangladesh Police. While in Dhaka Tanvir also acted as a liaison between PCJ and the Chief Justice of the Bangladesh Supreme Court, helping explore the possible involvement of PCJ in working with data on cases of violence against women in Bangladesh in order to better understand how the courts and special tribunals in the country are managing such cases. This has involved working closely with and evaluating different models of legal services open to women in Bangladesh, such as the 'Victim Support Centers' run by Bangladesh Police and the 'One Stop Crisis Centers' run by the Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs.

Alongside his work at the PCJ, Tanvir is also pursuing a Masters at the Harvard University Davis Center for Eurasian Studies on a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship. For his Masters thesis he is conducting an interdisciplinary research on change management in multicultural settings, with a focus on personal negotiation management in the post-traumatic contexts of collective transition in peripheral geographies. 

He completed his Bachelors in Economics at Williams College, where he was awarded the prestigious Arthur B. Graves Essay Prize in Economics. Born in Scotland, Tanvir grew up in Bangladesh before moving to the US in 2006; he has also lived and studied abroad for extended durations in Kyrgyzstan, and Singapore. Able to speak Bengali, Russian, Hindi and English, Tanvir is currently learning Uzbek, Kazakh, French, and Arabic.

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Tanvir Hussain, PCJ Research Associate and 2012 Summer Intern