Executive Session on Community Corrections (2013-2016)

The Executive Session on Community Corrections is a project of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice, the Malcolm Wiener Center and the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). See What is an Executive Session for more detail.

The inaugural meeting was held in Cambridge over three days in September, 2013, and members convened to discuss a broad array of themes, including the current state of corrections today, current opportunities and challenges for reforming community corrections, the role of research in the development of policy, and values that should guide the drive for reform in community corrections. The second meeting These themes will be built upon and expanded in the remaining 4 meetings, which will run until 2016.

This page will be updated with papers produced by members of the Executive Session.


  • Molly Baldwin, Founder and CEO, Roca, Inc.
  • Barbara Broderick, Chief Probation Officer, Maricopa County Probation Adult Probation Department
  • Douglas Burris, Chief Probation Officer, United States District Court, The Eastern District of Missouri, Probation
  • John Chisholm, District Attorney, Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office
  • Christine Cole (Facilitator), Executive Director, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School
  • George Gascón, District Attorney, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
  • Adam Gelb, Director, Public Safety Performance Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Susan Herman, Deputy Commissioner of Collaborative Policing, New York City Police Department
  • Michael Jacobson, Director, CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance; Professor, Sociology Department CUNY Graduate Center, City University of New York, Institute for State and Local Governance
  • Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Marc Levin, Director, Right on Crime
  • Glenn E. Martin, President and Founder, JustLeadershipUSA
  • Anne Milgram, Vice President, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Jason Myers, Sheriff, Marion County Sheriff's Office
  • Michael Nail, Executive Director, State Board of Pardons and Paroles
  • James Pugel, Former Chief of Police, Seattle Police Department
  • Steven Raphael, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California Berkeley
  • Greg Ridgeway, Acting Director, National Institute of Justice
  • Vincent N. Schiraldi, Senior Advisor, Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, New York City Mayor's Office
  • Sandra Susan Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California Berkeley
  • Amy Solomon, Senior Advisor to the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice
  • Wendy S. Still, Chief Adult Probation Officer, San Francisco Adult Probation Department
  • John Tilley, State Representative, Kentucky Legislature
  • Steven W. Tompkins, Sheriff, Massachusetts Suffolk County Sheriff's Department
  • Harold Dean Trulear, Director, Healing Communities; Associate Professor of Applied Theology, Howard University School of Divinity
  • Vesla Weaver, Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Political Science, Yale University, Institution for Social and Policy Studies
  • Bruce Western, Faculty Chair, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School; Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy; Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice
  • John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • Ana Yáñez-Correa, Executive Director, Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

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Executive Session Members

Members of the Executive Session for Community Corrections (2013-2016)

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Photo:  Martin Vacek