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Boston Marathon Bombing and Aftermath

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New Perspectives in Policing series from the Executive Session on Policing & Public Safety (2008-2014)

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Perspectives on State Court Leadership series from the Executive Session for State Court Leaders in the 21st Century (2008-2011)

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From the Indicators in Development: Safety and Justice project 

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Gangs, Guns, and Urban Violence

  1. Tackling Youth Crime, Violence & Disorder:  A Partnership Approach
    2013; Paterson
  2. Deterring Gang-Involved Gun Violence: Measuring the Impact of Boston’s Operation Ceasefire on Street Gang Behavior, The Journal of Quantitative Criminology
    2013; Braga, Hureau, Papachristos
  3. Reducing Gun Violence in America - Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis from Johns Hopkins University Press
    2013; Braga (contributor)
  4. Social Networks and the Risk of Gunshot Injury, The Effects of Hot Spots Policing on Crime: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Justice Quarterly
    2012; Braga, Papachristos, Hureau
  5. Serious Youth Violence and Innovative Prevention: On the Emerging Link between Public Health and Criminology, Justice Quarterly
    2012; Welsh, Braga, Sullivan
  6. Can ‘Disciplined Passion’ Overcome the Cynical View? An Empirical Inquiry of Evaluator Influence on Police Crime Prevention Program Outcomes, Journal of Experimental Criminology, 8 (4)
    2012; Welsh, Braga, Peel
  7. Interpreting the Empirical Evidence on Illegal Gun Market Dynamics, Journal of Urban Health, 89 (5): 779 – 793
    2012; Braga, Wintemute, Pierce, Cook, Ridgeway
  8. The Effects of Focused Deterrence Strategies on Crime: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Evidence, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 49 (3): 323 – 358
    2012; Braga, Weisburd
  9. Lessons from a Partially Controlled Field Trial, Journal of Experimental Criminology, 8 (3): 271 – 287 
    2012; Cook, O’Brien, Braga, Ludwig
  10. Getting Deterrence Right? Evaluation Evidence and Complementary Crime Control Mechanisms, Criminology & Public Policy, 11 (2): 201 – 210 Journal of Urban Health
    2012; Braga

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