Matt Stolhandske

Matt Stolhandske is a senior research and teaching fellow at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and is the project manager for Recupera Chile. He is a recent graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School where he received a Master in Public Administration and is currently on sabbatical from his doctoral studies at Oxford University.

Prior to Harvard, Matt co-founded a small and medium enterprise development organization in Kenya called Sinapis, which trains, consults and invests in SMEs. He has also completed a Graduate Certificate of Christian Education Redeemer Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas and studied the role of faith and Christian institutions in development.

Matt started his professional career working for the strategic management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company in Dallas, Texas after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Professional Accounting in Taxation. During his time there, he consulted the world's largest retailers, entertainment businesses and energy giants on issues ranging from procurement to strategy to operations in order to learn the practical business skills necessary to succeed in the non-profit world. Matt is also proficient in eight languages and has used those skills to build his international and cultural savvy in order to serve impoverished people around the world. As an undergraduate student, Matt founded and served as director of a humanitarian aid organization bringing electricity and foodstuffs to several orphanages and shantytowns in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico where he nurtured his growing passion to empower people in the developing world to overcome the grip of poverty through entrepreneurship. As a graduate student, he, along with a small team, won the first inaugural Dell Social Innovation Competition in Austin, Texas.


Matt Stolhandske, Senior Research and Teaching Fellow at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies; and Project Manager for Recupera Chile.