Student Involvement

PCL is dedicated to supporting the academic and professional interests of Harvard Kennedy School students interested in the fields of crisis management and disaster risk reduction. As such, PCL serves as sponsor of the school’s Crisis Management Student Group and, in partnership with affiliated students, programs a number of lectures and workshops throughout the academic year. For a list of upcoming events, visit PCL's Events Page.


Leaders involved in Crisis Mitigation, Response, and Recovery

Harvard Kennedy School’s Crisis Management Student Group is a professional development student group recognized officially by the Kennedy School Student Government and the school’s Office of Career Advancement. The group's primary responsibility is to provide professional development and educational opportunities for current or future practitioners in crisis management.

This is achieved through various events throughout the semester. These events include

  • Speaker series
  • Seminars and/or study groups
  • Professional development lunches
  • Field trips

For more information about the Crisis Management Student Group or to join our list serve please contact PIC chair Tori Stephens.

PCL Student Seminar. Photo by David Tannenwald.

PCL advises and works with students from across the school and university interested in issues related to crisis leadership and disaster management. Photo by David Tannenwald.